English Muffin Splitter for Biscuit and Crumpets, Useful Kitchen Tools

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English muffins are known for their unique texture. Their nooks and crannies hold and absorb butter, jam, and other toppings. However, cutting into an English muffin with a knife ruins these delectable air pockets. Don’t cut it and let your muffin crumble. Instead, use this English Muffin Splitter. It splits your muffin from the middle, leaving 2 equal halves. It preserves your peaks and valleys, allowing plenty of space for your toppings. Plus, it prevents your muffin from crumbling! Finally, you can enjoy English muffins the way they were supposed to be eaten! This English Muffin Splitter measures 6” x 4.75”, making it the perfect size for storage. Simply stow this small splitter away in your pantry or drawer when you’re finished with it. This innovative kitchen utensil features stainless steel tines and durable plastic handles. It’s top-rack dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to clean and maintain. To use this product, insert the tines all the way through the English muffin, then pull handles slowly apart. That’s it! Your muffin will be equally split apart. This English Muffin Splitter also works on biscuits, scones, crumpets, and more! It’s the ultimate breakfast accessory. Just place it on the dining table so your friends and family can split their muffins apart themselves. You can also gift this English Muffin Splitter to a friend, family member, or coworker. It comes in a gift box package, so you can give it away during Christmas, birthdays, housewarming parties, or other special occasions. Give this splitter to someone you know who loves baking and cooking. It’s great for cooks, chefs, and homemakers. Add it to your kitchen essentials and kitchen gadget drawer today!

Preserve the delectable textural quality of an English muffin by gently splitting it instead of cutting with a knife; cutting ruins all those nooks and crannies that cradle butter and jam so nicely!
English muffin splitter tool is approx. 6 x 4.75 inches to easily fit in a drawer. Rounded shape fits easily in your hand.
Splitter opens English muffins from the middle, leaving two equal halves with perfect peaks and valleys for your butter and other toppings. Gentle splitting also avoids crumbling. insert the tines all the way through the English muffin, then pull handles slowly apart. That’s it!
Handy tool for splitting English muffins – even super thick varieties. Also ideal for splitting biscuits. Packaged in a gift box. Ideal gift for foodies and bakers or anyone who loves English muffins!
Stainless steel tines. Durable plastic handles. Top rack dishwasher safe. Great for gift giving!
Great for gift giving! Foodie friends and family members will appreciate this clever English Muffin Splitter. Ideal gift for cook or baker or for Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas, birthday, house-warming, wedding, anniversary or just because!

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