Banana Bungee Red Bananas Hook Holder, Made in USA; Multiple Bunches or Single Banana Hanger

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Hang Fresh and Waste Less

The original multi-strand banana holder introduced to the world. We inspired others with our functional, flexible and effective design.

Banana Bungee + Custom Clamp



Banana Hook Reimagined

Everything you need to recover valuable kitchen counter space. The eye-screw is easy but this is a snap!

**Experience the Innovation in Your Kitchen with Banana Bungee**: Our kitchens are where creativity and nourishment intersect. The Banana Bungee, with its original multi-point suspension design, breathes life into this space. Not merely a storage solution, it’s an invitation to experience nature’s way – see your bananas suspended, ripen to perfection, and contribute to your kitchen’s vibrant ambiance. Embrace this seamless blend of function and joy, designed for your everyday culinary journey.
**Space-Saving Design**: The Banana Bungee’s discreet compact bungee cord design ensures it fits seamlessly into any kitchen without the need for major reorganization. The preinstalled S-hook design allows for versatile hanging options. Use with pre-existing items like overhangs, pot racks, wired pantry, or refrigerator shelves. When not in use, easily store it in a drawer to keep your kitchen tidy.
**Bananas Stay Fresh Longer with Easy Access**: Mimicking nature’s suspension method and promoting natural airflow, the Banana Bungee helps bananas ripen evenly and stay fresh for an extended period. By design our banana holder reduces handling. Say goodbye to premature bruising and waste! Hang your bananas at eye level above kitchen counters, providing easy access to your favorite fruit whenever you need a healthy snack or ingredient.
**Minimalist and Clutter-Free**: Free up valuable kitchen counter space by using the Banana Bungee instead of a traditional fruit bowl or stand. Keep your kitchen clear for more important tasks and a clean aesthetic. The Banana Bungee makes a practical and thoughtful gift idea for anyone who loves fresh fruit or appreciates smart and space-saving kitchen solutions.
**Durable and Reliable**: Rest assured that your Banana Bungee will securely hold your bananas without any risk of collapse. We have assembled our banana holder with premium materials for long-lasting use. We are proud that Banana Bungee is “Made in USA.” Join the Banana Bungee family today. If you are not absolutely thrilled, return it and we will issue a full, no questions asked money refund.

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