Makerstep 1000 Birch Wood Coffee Stirrers, 7 Inch Coffee Stir Sticks, Eco-friendly, Sturdy Wooden Sticks. Splinter Free, Round End. For Tea, Beverage, and Popsicle.

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Stir Your Beverages. These coffee stirrers are specifically crafted for stirring coffee, milk, cream, hot chocolate, tea, or any other beverage. Made from high-quality wood, our stir sticks can withstand the high temperatures of hot drinks without transferring any woody flavor. Whether you’re enjoying a steaming cup of coffee or a comforting mug of hot chocolate, these durable stirrers ensure a smooth and satisfying experience.
Smooth Wooden Stir. These coffee stir sticks boast smooth surfaces and are free from splinters. Each stirrer measures 7 inches in length and ¼ inch in width, featuring rounded ends for safe and comfortable stirring. Each box contains 1000 stirrers, providing ample supply for all your coffee needs. The convenient storage box ensures easy access and organization, making it ideal for busy office breakrooms or home coffee stations.
Safe and Eco-Friendly. These wooden stirrers are made from 100% birch wood, sourced from plentiful and renewable resources, ensuring sustainability and Eco-Friendly They are ready to use and safe for stirring your drinks, providing a natural and reliable option for beverage preparation.
Multi-Purpose Versatile With Lots of Uses. While these are excellent coffee stir sticks, they’re also great for making your own popsicles, and also work well for mixing cocktails along with creating arts and crafts. Many homes and schools have children glue these to paper and cardboard for imaginative art projects. This big 1,0000 count box gives you all you need to have on hand for every purpose.
Coffee stirrers are an essential addition to any office breakroom or home coffee bar, offering convenience and practicality. Eliminate the need for washing spoons and save valuable time with these convenient disposable coffee stirrers. Perfect for stirring your morning brew or mixing in your favorite additives, they’re a hassle-free solution for busy mornings and on-the-go coffee breaks.

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