ZonLi Weighted Blanket (60”x80”, 20lbs, Queen Size Dark Grey) for Adults and Kids, High Breathability Heavy Blanket, Soft Material with Premium Glass Beads

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ZonLi Weighted Blanket

ZonLi Kinnted Weighted Blanket

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What is the Purpose of the Weighted Blanket? Useful?

The main function of the weighted blanket is to apply something called deep touch pressure to the human body through a special design, which can effectively improve the user’s sleep condition.

Weighted Blanket VS Ordinary Blanket

The name weighted blanket feels like a technological blanket, but its construction is mainly to add some special materials in the area of the blanket to make it wrap better.

Why Do We Love Our Jobs?

We regard improving the sleep quality of some people as a very meaningful thing, which is also the value of ZonLi.

Polyester Microfiber
【HOW TO CHOOSE WEIGHT】For a weighted blanket, the optimal weight is around 8%-10% of your body weight based on experiments and market research. The 20lb weighted blanket is suitable for adults weighing between 200lb and 220lb. Please allow your body 7-10 days to adjust to the weighted blankets when using it for the first time.
【HOW TO CHOOSE SIZE】Weighted blankets for adults, we recommend choosing from sizes 48″x72″, 60″x80″, and 80″x87″. We offer a variety of size options, including Queen, Twin, King and more. For kids, we suggest sizes 36″x48″ and 41″x60″. PLEASE NOTE that weighted blankets are SMALLER than traditional comforters as they are designed to concentrate the weight on your body rather than hanging off the edges of the bed.
【SLEEP BENEFITS】 ZONLI weighted blanket Queen provides a natural way to relax your body and achieve a restful sleep. When you use it, its weight provides you with a sense of comforting hug .
【UPGRADED 2.0 VERSION】ZONLI queen size weighted blanket features 5″x5″ small compartments. In the 2.0 version, we have upgraded the precision stitching technique, increasing the stitch count and adding two layers of protective lining for the beads. You don’t need to worry about bead leakage or shifting. Moreover, the upgraded version uses glass beads that have better heat absorption, ensuring a comfortable temperature throughout the year.
【CARE INSTRUCTIONS】 The weighted blanket is designed to be machine washable. However, due to its weight, it may exceed the load capacity of household washing machines. It is not recommended to use a household washing machine for cleaning. We recommend purchasing our ZONLI duvet cover for convenient cleaning.

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