9 Pack Laundry Bag, Mesh Laundry Bags with Sturdy Zipper, Hanging Loop and Breathable Fine Net, Artisans Made Wash Bags for Lingerie, Delicates, Underwear, Pants, Shoes, Socks

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3 Sizes of honeycomb mesh Laundry Bags Can Solve Your Troubles 3 Sizes of honeycomb mesh Laundry Bags Can Solve Your Troubles

9 pack laundry bag 9 pack laundry bag

The size and suitable clothes of the white laundry bags. Each size 3pack.The size and suitable clothes of the white laundry bags. Each size 3pack.

strong and breathable meshstrong and breathable mesh

Sturdy Zipper and MeshSturdy Zipper and Mesh

More Usage ScenariosMore Usage Scenarios

Operating Instructions and tips of the lingerie wash bagOperating Instructions and tips of the lingerie wash bag

【9 pack(3 sizes, 3 colors)】Large(19.69*15.75in), Medium(15.75*11.81in), Small (11.81*9.84in), 3 colors (Lemon Yellow, Cameo Brown, Starry Blue). Lots of sizes make it convenient for classified washing. Moreover, different colors represent different meanings. Lemon Yellow is a smart, cute, and mischievous image just like a child, Cameo Brown is a charming dynamic and passionate image as a mom, Starry Blue is a gentle, romantic, and inclusive image just like a dad.
【Polyester material without pilling】This travel laundry bag is made of polyester material, which won’t be pilled and torn in the washing machine. Using these laundry bags will not damage your delicate clothes while avoiding knots and entanglements, making the process of drying clothes shorter, and allowing you to spend more time enjoying a glass of red wine.
【Breathable mesh, special zipper and hanging loop】Breathable mesh allows water to flow in and out smoothly, making it easy for the washing machine to deeply clean clothes without being wrinkled. The rust-free zipper is equipped with a rubber band cover. You will say goodbye to the zipper scratching the washer and the opening of the laundry bag while washing. Moreover, the hanging loop makes storage easy.
【Made by skilled craftsmen】The lingerie bags for washing delicates are meticulously cut and sewn by skilled craftsmen, with a finer and denser thread. The 1cm length is sewn with 3 stitches, making laundry bags more refined and sturdier. Craftsmen uphold the spirit of craftsmanship and strictly control the process to ensure that the products are qualified.
【Multi scenarios use】Different sizes of laundry bags are used for different needs. you can use them to wash exquisite clothes, bras, shoes, socks, etc. You can also use them for storage.

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