New Desktop PC and Laptop Computer Motherboard Power Diagnostic Analyzer Post Test Starter Kit

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This is a nice quality computer diagnostic test tool kit that helps to quick troubleshoot older desktop PC, laptop and server computers hardware errors. Comes with the following items including all the cables and adapter accessories parts in a nice sturdy OTG (On-The-Go) carrying case.

A. Desktop PC Standard PCI motherboard diagnostic card with onboard LEDs and speaker for Bios beep codes. This large diagnostic board works on the desktop PC computer standard PCI slot, if need the motherboard diagnostic test kit that works on the newer computers new USB or PCIe slots, please see my other listing with the V8 PCIe Diagnostic Kit.

B. Audio beep cable to connect the large PC diagnostic board to the desktop PC motherboard speaker pins to get the Bios beep codes

C. Laptop full size miniPCI and miniPCIe 2-in-1 diagnostic card

D. ATX Power Supply Unit (PSU) LED tester

E. PC power switch cable checks on the issue of PC not powering ON using the original PC case power button, the PC powering OFF in a few seconds or intermittently auto powering OFF itself. This PC motherboard power switch cable helps to rule out these are not causing by the original faulty PC power switch and/or the power switch cables.

F. Corded elastic antistatic wrist strap to discharge static off hands, adding extra layer of protection.

This is a very nice essential computer motherboard diagnostic POST test card tool kit for getting start with the own home / school computers troubleshooting self diagnosis and for computer hardware learning purposes.
Great helpers to the technicians as well.
A nice complete older computers motherboard diagnostic tester starter kit. It delivers the accurate and reliable diagnosis results.
Automatically scan the motherboard and power supply unit (PSU) to detect the faulty components.
Direct pinpointing the faulty areas so we get to know what part(s) need repair or replace.
Save money in preparing a set of Known Good Parts to swap in the traditional computer hardware repairs. Hope my 28 years computer hardware experience prepared Easy Guide and Pictorial Manuals help! Free Life Time Support! Thank you!
【2】No need to swap Known Good Parts in the computer repairs. Save time and money! Packed well and neat in the nice OTG carrying case!
【3】A great starter kit to add to our tool boxes! Nice for computers no Power On / Auto Power OFF / no POST / no Display / no Boot …etc. diagnosis.
【4】The PSU tester in this kit is either Blue or Black Color with EXACT same features. Any question, please let me know. Quality Genuine Computer test kit with Free Lifetime Customer Service Supports from 28 years computer hardware work experienced seller.
【5】Online Easy Guide and Pictorial Manuals to guide step by step with complete list of codes description. Downloadable manuals to stay updated.

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