Kizzox K16 Pro Hidden Camera Detectors, RF Signal/Magnetic/Bug/Hidden Devices Detector for GPS Tracker Listening Device, Portable for Car,Office,Travel

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Product Description

anti  spy detectoranti  spy detector

From Kizzox, America’s Leading Security & Protection Brand. Stronger and safer privacy protection with our advanced detection technology for 10 million+ happy users. Thanks for their support and valuable comments. Based on the users’ suggestions, we have completely upgraded the detection performance, anti-interference ability and appearance.

Now more and more people care about their privacy, but they don’t know how to protect their privacy because hidden cameras and eavesdropping devices are a real possibility virtually everywhere and develop rapidly these days. Specifically targeting increasingly sophisticated techniques, the Kizzox K16 Pro hidden devices detector is born, more powerful and responsive. If you also suspect that you are being monitored and you don’t trust your environment, whether at home, office, hotel, motel, car, bathroom, dressing room, business negotiation, confidential session, entertainment venues and anywhere or as a daily used scanner prevent being photographed, shooting videos and monitor magnetic field signal. With our Kizzox bug detector & camera finder, your privacy will never be leaked.


anti spy detectoranti spy detector

anti spy detectoranti spy detector

anti spy detectoranti spy detector

anti spy detectoranti spy detector

Upgrade Ultra-high Sensitivity Chip

This anti-spy detector upgrades the detection accuracy and anti-jamming capabilities of the previous generation chip. It can accurately detect GSM, 2G, 3G, 4G mobile signal and radio waves within 15 meters, can also detect the electronics devices between the frequency of 1Mhz-6.5Ghz, scan speed up to 1500 times/sec, reduced false alarms.

Stronger Laser Sensor Receiver and Lens

The laser sensor receiver and lens have been upgraded. The special material enables it to accurately receive the infrared supplementary light wave of the camera. The infrared lights are much brighter the range is longer, 3 flashing frequency modes can be selected. Hidden cameras and pinhole cameras can be easily and accurately identified.

Adjustable Sensitivity

With 6 levels of adjustable sensitivity modes and 7 levels of signal indicator light, the hidden devices detector can fastly and precisely locate the signal source. Can accurately detects the position of audio bug, voice recorder and GPS tracking device within a few minutes. Create a trustworthy environment.

Sensitive Magnetic Detection Sensor

We have upgraded the sensitive magnetic detection sensor, which can help the bug finder detect suspicious devices based on magnetic induction strength, not only can detect magnetic GPS tracker in your vehicles, but also detect harmful electromagnetic radiation leaked from household appliances such as microwave ovens, as well as detect radiation from base stations near your work environment or home, apartment. Protect your health and your privacy.

USE IN MULTIPLE SCENARIOS- save your privacy at anywhere and anytime

anti spy detectoranti spy detector

anti spy detectoranti spy detector

anti spy detectoranti spy detector

anti spy detectoranti spy detector

To express your care and love to someone important to you

anti spy detectoranti spy detector

anti spy detectoranti spy detector

Warm Tips:

1. A detailed user manual and the professional team support to help you use it better.

2. Turn off or remove known signal sources around you, such as mobile phones and computers to avoid interference.

3. To detect different devices, you need to select the corresponding mode, please read the instructions carefully.

4. Before infrared light detection, the curtains must be drawn or the detection is performed at night. The darker the surrounding environment, the more obvious the reflective highlights, and the better the effect.

5. After power on, press and hold the adjustment button to enter silent mode.

6. After receiving the anti spy detector, please use it after fully charged, when the charging indicator turns green, it means fully charged.

Package: K16 Pro hidden devices detector*1 Packaging Box*1 User’s Manual(English)*1 Type-c charging cable*1 (*only cable, wall charger not included)

anti spy detectoranti spy detector

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Main Feature
2023 Chip 2023 Chip

Working Time
25 hours 25 hours

Adjustable Sensitivity
6 6

WIFI Signal Detection

Full-Band Signal Detection

Infrared Light Detection

Infrared Laser Detection


Strong Magnetic Detection


Accurate Detection Technology – RF detector can detect radio waves, GSM, 2G, 3G, 4G mobile signal, SIM card bug with 6 levels of signal adjustable sensitivity. Frequency detection range 1Mhz-6.5Ghz. Detection range: 5cm-15m. Scan speed 1500 times/sec. Protect your privacy more professionally.
5 Professional Modes- Can be used for Hidden Camera Detectors, Bug Detector, RF detector, Magnetic Field Detector, Anti Spy Detector. Effective detection of wired and wireless hidden cameras, pinhole cameras, eavesdropping devices, GPS locators and etc.
Modern design- Replacing bulky and traditional bug detector, Kizzox Tech provides a more stylish and premium unique look, 38g is the best weight for a perfect grip texture and portable carry out, suitable for frequent travel and business trips.
24H Customer Support- It’s a hidden camera detector that anyone can easily learn to use to detect 99% of hidden devices. We provide lifetime customer support for this hidden devices detector, Please feel free to contact us.

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